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John F. Kennedy


On November 18, 1963, the 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, arrived in Tampa.  The Presidentís day-long visit thrilled local residents who lined his motorcade route, filled seats at Al Lopez ballpark to hear him speak, or stayed home and watched him via live broadcasts on Channel 8 and Channel 13.  It was an emotional, exciting day for Tampa and another triumph for the charismatic President.

Four days later, Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

The shock of his death after so recent an appearance still resounds in the hearts of Kennedy's Tampa Bay area admirers.  This section of the BIG 13 web site is dedicated to the memory of President Kennedy, with stories told by former WTVT employee Tony Zappone, former WFLA reporters Tony Hamilton and Arch Deal, and former WEDU employee Terry Drymon, all first hand witnesses to his appearance.


Tony Zappone's new book, John F. Kennedy - An Amazing Day for a President and a Kid with His Camera, is now in book form and downloadable formats.

If you've already read Tony's incredible story here on BIG13, now's the chance for you to own a high-quality hard copy of his JFK photos.  There are additional, NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED photos taken by Tony on November 18, 1963.  You'll learn even more behind-the-scenes details of the President's visit. 

Photos appear in high definition.

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"JFK, As I Remember Him"
Story and Photographs
by Tony Zappone

"A Moment In Time With
John F. Kennedy"
by Terry Drymon

"Tampa Says Goodbye
to John F. Kennedy"
by Arch Deal

"JFK...A Hard Day's Work"
by Tony Hamilton

"John F. Kennedy in 10 Seconds"
by Tommy Eure


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