Behind the desk at

Pulse Plus!

A profile of

Jack Harris

By Jackson Harris



Veteran Tampa Bay broadcaster Jack Harris spent six memorable years at BIG 13 as the co-host of Pulse Plus!  But if you think that's the whole story, you don't know Jack!
Learn all about this fun-loving broadcaster from BIG 13's newest correspondent (and Jack's son)....Jackson Harris.



Jack Harris came to Tampa from West “By-God” Virginia in 1970, and being a radio man, he never expected that in less than 15 years he would make his a big splash in Tampa Bay area television with his co-hosting duties of Pulse Plus! on WTVT.

Jack’s childhood began in Logan, followed by a few years living with his parents in Japan. His aspirations at the time did not include broadcasting…he thought seriously about becoming a Minister.  Perhaps a very funny, acerbic Minister! 

Future broadcaster Jack Harris

Jack recalls how it was his mom and her friendship with the manager of  radio station WVOW in Logan that first got him into broadcasting. When Jack came to Tampa, he worked mornings on 97/WFLA radio, and later accepted an offer for a radio job at WRC in Washington, D.C.. After a short stint at WRC doing the morning show, WFLA management said ‘Come back, Jack,’ and he returned to Tampa.